1. Design - Supervision of Electrical Installations
    Our team of engineers design and create adapting a two-fold aim: innovation and environment sustainability. Firm’s specialization covers a wide range of studies, such as lighting planning, power and low tension studies, renewable energy studies (wind farms, P/V), road lighting systems etc.
  2. Design - Supervision of Mechanical Installations
    The Engineering Group of our office considers that an excellent scientific result comes as a synthesis of specific elements:
    (i) Designing infrastructures that will go unnoticed by the human eye
    (ii) Creative collaboration with the customer, making the right questions;
    (iii) Minimizing energy cost of operation to achieve LEED certification.              The activities of the sector concern studies of heating, air conditioning, water, sewerage, gas, fire protection and ventilation networks.
  3. Design -Supervision of Distribution & Transmission Power Networks
    Our office is highly specialized in the field of Distribution & Transmission Power Networks. Our team have studied - supervised thousands of km of Low, Medium & High Voltage networks as well as corresponding MV/LV Substation, presenting unique experience for the Greek industry in this field.
  4. Project Management
    The iron triangle of the project managment (time, cost, quality) is a second nature to our field engineers. Combining the experience of 35-year history with the industry's modern academic imperatives, the office advances into groundbreaking methods.
  5. Building Information Modeling (BIM)
    BIM technology is a valuable tool for our engineers in an effort to provide detailed and accurate solutions. The capabillity of simulating and therefore evaluating our technical proposals from the early stages of study gives the advantage of seeing the project from a  realistic point of view,  before its construction.